Best Practices of the Land Professional

The following is a list of Landmen's best practices regarding the relationship and activities between the public and Landmen. 

What should I expect from Landman?

They Should be:

  • Be informed regarding laws, proposed legislation, governmental regulations, public policies and current market conditions in their area of represented expertise in order to be in a position to advise their employer or client properly.
  • Protect the members of the public with whom they deals against fraud, misrepresentation and unethical practices.
  • Eliminate any practices which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the petroleum, mining or environmental industries.
  • In accepting employment, the land professional pledges to protect and promote the interests of their employer or client. This obligation of absolute fidelity to the employer's or client's interest is primary, but it does not relieve the land professional of their obligation to treat fairly all parties to any transaction or act in an ethical manner.
  • Not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, creed, sex or country of national origin nor be a party to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of race, creed, sex or country of national origin.
  • Provide a level of competent service in keeping with the standards of practice in those fields in which a land professional customarily engages.
  • Not represent themselves to be skilled in nor shall he or she engage in professional areas in which they are not qualified, such as the practice of law, geology, engineering or other disciplines.
  • Not undertake to provide professional services concerning a property or a transaction where one has a present or contemplated interest, unless such interest is specifically disclosed to all affected parties.
  • Place all pertinent facts before the proper authority of the American Association of Professional Landmen if charged with unethical practice or is asked to present evidence in any disciplinary proceeding or investigation, or has direct knowledge of apparent unethical misconduct of another member.
  • Assure that monies coming into their possession in trust for other persons, such as escrows, advances for expenses, fee advances and other like items, are properly accounted for and administered in a manner approved by the employer or client.
  • At all times present an accurate representation in his advertising and disclosures to the public.
  • Not aid or abet the unauthorized use of the title "Certified Professional Landman," "Registered Professional Landman," “Registered Landman, "P.Land" and "CPL/ESA."
  • Not participate in conduct which causes them to be convicted, adjudged or otherwise recorded as guilty by any court of competent jurisdiction of any felony, any offense involving fraud as an essential element or any other serious crime.
Please visit AAPL's website for access to the association's full bylaws which includes the Code of Ethics as well as the Standards of Practice.
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